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Engaged Learning - SET For Success

At RMU, learning doesn't happen only in the classroom. It happens every day, in every part of your RMU life. And when it does, it's captured on your Student Engagement Transcript (SET).

The SET formally documents your participation in experiential learning -- learning that occurs outside of the classroom. The SET, which is a companion to your academic transcript, is an official University endorsement of your leadership roles, community service hours, international study trips, internship experiences, and much more.

If you choose, the SET will be provided to employers and graduate schools that request a copy of your academic transcript. Together, these two documents will demonstrate how you applied what you learned in the classroom to situations you encountered beyond the classroom.

For undergraduate students enrolled prior to the Fall 2009 semester, participation in the SET program is voluntary. For all new freshmen enrolled beginning with the Fall 2009 semester and all transfer students beginning with the Fall 2011 semester, participation is mandatory. Mandatory participants must fulfill the requirements of at least two of the first six categories (listed above) during their time at RMU in order to graduate.

Questions should be directed to Samantha Moik, Engaged Learning Specialist, at (412) 397-5973 or moik@rmu.edu or
Terri Byrnes, Assistant Director of Engaged Learning, at (412) 397-6430 or byrnes@rmu.edu

Calendar of Events 

 Activity Abbreviations:

AAP = Arts Appreciation Portfolio
PDP = Professional Development Portfolio
SCC = Service
TGE = Transcultural/Global Activities
 *Please note:
- Some activities are for specific populations only; when possible, this is noted in the activity description
- Event dates, times, and locations are subject to change; please contact the hosting office/department for the most up-to-date information